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16 Jul


The Beastie Boys Mike D to Curate Art Show

15 Mar

From AllHipHop:

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2 Mar

Art is by Jason Seife who is also responsible for the cover art to Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy among other things.

Notorious K.I.N.G.

27 Feb

Vibe’s Nicki Minaj photo spread.
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31 Jan

#Hashtags: The Culture of the Copy

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Jack White: Neo-Totems and Other Works of Art

24 Dec

Head over to Daily Serving for the full scoop.

In a recent BBC documentary on J Dilla, the deceased beatmaker’s family and fellow industry folk recount the seminal producer’s style, marked most notably by a counter-quantizing of his drum machine: a drunken mechanization, a meeting point of analog practices (the mythic process of searching through crates of records) and digitization that concurrently sounded ill-programmed (off-beat), yet intentional and on-point. This is man-made modernism, in contrast to the conventional image of crisp lines and sharp edges. So what would J Dilla’s sound look like? Jack White’s Neo-Totems, on display at the African American Art and Culture Center, come to mind.

Sir Michael Rocks – Premier Politics

27 Sep

Art is by Jason Seife, who’s responsible for at least one other album cover(s), most notably Kanye West’s recent, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.