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Notorious K.I.N.G.

27 Feb

Vibe’s Nicki Minaj photo spread.
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Paper Minaj

11 Feb

Latest issue of Paper with Onika gracing the cover.

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Fall Ocean

9 Aug

Cover and photo from the upcoming fall fashion issue of Fader magazine.

From SoulCulture:

Take a peek above at the cover for the forthcoming fall fashion issue of The Fader magazine, which features the Odd Future affiliated singer/songwriter Frank Ocean.
The Def Jam signed superstar in the making who features not once but twice on the biggest album of the moment, The Throne (Jay-Z + Kanye West)’s Watch The Throne and recently penned Bridget Kelly’s debut single, has had the world in a vice-grip since releasing his free album nostagia,ULTRA and will hold down the front cover of the esteemed magazine with The Rapture on the flipside.
Check out a sneak peek of his interview below…
When he was nine, Frank Ocean’s godfather subscribed him to Robb Report, a magazine for the ultra-rich. Less interested in fiduciary smarts, it’s a catalog of conspicuous consumption, highlighting tropical vacations, invaluable antiques and, as Ocean came to know, really expensive cars. Though he comes from a middle class family, he obsessively read the magazine’s classified ads, fixating on exorbitantly priced used Bentleys and Maybachs. “I would just fall in love with all their cars. That was the start.” Ocean, whowas born Christopher Breaux (and goes by Lonny to friends), downscaled his material desires, and when he was 13, began going door-to-door, detailing cars for cash. “I would bring all my supplies. Literally, it was like a movie, I had a wagon, those long red wagons, like a Radio Flyer-type wagon, and I used to buy my own soaps.”

I especially love the second photo.

That’s pretty much the visual of what it feels to be an Artist.

Queen Bey

26 Jul

Here are the photos from Complex’s latest issue. From Complex:

For the cover story, we recruited photographer Thierry Le Gouès and artist Ebon Heath, who created the unique typography sculptures that surround B.

Click here to view the full article and see a behind the scenes video of the shoot.

Here are her first Complex feature photos as a bonus.

Update on “Covered Walls”

26 Jan

New post over at CommunitySpaceSD updating the status of the show.

the MACHINE SHOP/gallery – Covered Walls

26 Jan

The Machine Shop Gallery has a new show “Covered Walls” on Friday the 28th of January from 6:30p – 10:30p. Come out and support 10 local artists (including yours truly, currently the only faculty member of The Artitorium) in a variety of mediums that will cover the gallery walls. Music by Dj Slowhand, live art by Kyle Boatwright and tables by Peter Perrecone and Urt Clothing.

Again, visit

Photo Documentation of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”

26 Jan

Complex was on hand to capture these pictures during the making of one of 2010’s greatest works of Art.