Roman Reloaded & Deluxe

2 Mar

Update #2: The cover art to the deluxe edition has just came out.

The deluxe version.

The regular version.

Update: This cover(regular version) actually becomes worse each time I look at it, rather appalling even. While the image could have been decent as an insert in the linear notes, as a cover, it’s just underwhelming and disappointing. The blocking of the background of the title is troubling, although I know why they did it, not to mention the font itself lacks refinement. I was a big fan of the cover for the original Pink Friday. I thought it achieved exactly what she was aiming for while being executed quite brilliantly. It was subtle and not overt, yet very obvious. It had that perfect balance, something that the new cover does not. The original was perfectly executed, this one admits to being haphazardly done. It’s Roman Reloaded, not Roman Exploded.

The cover art for Nicki’s upcoming LP.


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