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40 YRS of 2PAC.

20 May

Art for Tupac’s upcoming birthday celebration on June 16 2011. RIP Pac, best MC ever.



20 May

Beyonce has released the cover of her upcoming album, 4.

Weekend at Burnie’s

11 May

Curren$y’s very ill album cover for his very ill upcoming album. Too dope.

Random Axe

11 May

The super group’s album art.

Roberto Matta

8 May

“Le poète (Un poète de notre connaissance)”
1945 (45/1)
94 x 76.5 cm.

colored pastels on black paper
24.4 x 30.2 cm.
private collection, La Jolla

“A Grave Situation”
137.2 x 195.6 cm.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago