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the MACHINE SHOP/gallery – Art Art Drinks

9 Dec

The MACHINE SHOP/gallery is helmed by a friend of mine, Chris Clements, and I wholly support his mission to help the San Diego art scene.

COMMUNITY/SPACE presents a forgotten industrial shell in downtown San Diego’s East Village born again as a versatile urban platform for artists of all mediums

They held their second show, Art Art Drinks, on Friday October 22nd. It was a successful event comprised of art, drinks, and live music. The atmosphere was great for a night well spent so I highly recommend that you attend any of their upcoming events. For more information head over to


ASHE – James Phillips

8 Dec

Through October 6th till November 6th, International Visions The Gallery presented a wonderful, intimate show featuring the works of Artist/Howard University professor James Phillips. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the opening reception and I thoroughly enjoyed the work as it isn’t often you come across work with this sense of vibrancy.