e(D)b(C) Art Trip

3 Nov

These are from my trip to DC, where I was lucky enough to be within walking distance of several Art locales, including the Hirshhorn Museum and sculpture garden, the national sculpture garden as well I believe, and the Smithsonian.

This Lichtenstein piece is great, it appears to have a convex, but when viewed from the side you realize it has a concave.

The Sol Lewitt one is great for numerous reasons, the most important of which being the direct way it correlates with my own work, stay tuned.

After seeing these works by Poons, they crept up yet again in the book Abstract Painting: Concepts & Techniques by Vicky Perry(review coming soon). It’s refreshing to see a piece for the first time in person, and then in a book, as opposed to vice versa.


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