Archive | November, 2010

Black Moses

17 Nov

Yet another ill album cover, this time it’s Isaac Hayes’ album, Black Moses.



Gangrene Gutter Water

17 Nov

Ill cover to Gangrene’s(The Alchemist and Oh No) album, Gutter Water.

!Vote Sabonis!

4 Nov

This poster of one of the better passers of all time is just too good to pass up.

Down South…

4 Nov

Ill cover to Southside Movement’s album, Moving South.

Kid C(BL)udi

4 Nov

Here are some promo posters for Cudi’s new album, Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. Ill grindhouse vibe to them.

Kid Cudi/Nicki Minaj Complex Cover

4 Nov

Death of a Pop Star…

3 Nov

…is not an album I’m looking forward to really, but every time I see the album art it makes me want to reconsider.