Francis Picabia

22 Sep

Francis Picabia [French Dadaist/Surrealist Painter, 1879-1953]

Picabia’s work, to me, has the rare/uncanny ability of being able to have incredible range, yet still looking like they all share the same origin. From his works in Dadaism to his Abstract Amorphic paintings, to his more traditional figurative paintings, they are all different languages that you can tell came from the same tongue.

Taken from

“Between my head and my hand,” he says in 1922, “there is always the figure of death.”

In response to his grandfather’s prediction that color photography will eventually replace painting, Picabia retorts, “You can photograph a landscape, but not the forms I have in my head.” — a fundamental theme which unifies Picabia’s aesthetic convictions, among the most heterodox of this century.

And from the man himself:

“If you want to have clean ideas, change them as often as you change your shirts.”
-Francis Picabia



Caotchouc, 1909


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