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The Beastie Boys Mike D to Curate Art Show

15 Mar

From AllHipHop:

The Beastie Boys’ Mike D also known as Michael Diamond will be curating Continue reading


2 Mar

Art is by Jason Seife who is also responsible for the cover art to Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy among other things.

Master Of My Make-Believe

28 Feb

This is one of the better album covers I’ve seen in a while. Continue reading


31 Jan

#Hashtags: The Culture of the Copy

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Jack White: Neo-Totems and Other Works of Art

24 Dec

Head over to Daily Serving for the full scoop.

In a recent BBC documentary on J Dilla, the deceased beatmaker’s family and fellow industry folk recount the seminal producer’s style, marked most notably by a counter-quantizing of his drum machine: a drunken mechanization, a meeting point of analog practices (the mythic process of searching through crates of records) and digitization that concurrently sounded ill-programmed (off-beat), yet intentional and on-point. This is man-made modernism, in contrast to the conventional image of crisp lines and sharp edges. So what would J Dilla’s sound look like? Jack White’s Neo-Totems, on display at the African American Art and Culture Center, come to mind.

Sir Michael Rocks – Premier Politics

27 Sep

Art is by Jason Seife, who’s responsible for at least one other album cover(s), most notably Kanye West’s recent, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Phenomenal: California Light, Space, Surface

31 Aug

The Artitorium will be visiting this show soon, as it sounds very promising, with documentation to follow. If you would like to visit it yourself the details are as follows:

Phenomenal Pre-Openings
Downtown San Diego, Jacobs Building and 1001 Kettner
Jul 16, 2011 through Jan 22, 2012


“Phenomenal: California Light, Space, Surface is now on view Downtown

The most ambitious exhibition in MCASD’s history is now on view in our downtown galleries.

Phenomenal: California Light, Space, Surface features 13 artists whose work with light as a medium helped define an era of art making in Southern California.

Visit the two buildings of our downtown campus to see immersive light environments by James Turrell and installations by Robert Irwin, Mary Corse, Craig Kauffman, and Larry Bell (check out a behind-the-scenes video of the installation of one his sculptures). Some of these works have not been viewed since they were conceived in the 1960s and ‘70s.

The La Jolla installation of Phenomenal will open September 25. Mark your calendar for the Members’ Opening on Saturday, September 24. Not a Member? Join today.

Phenomenal is a part of Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980. This unprecedented collaboration, initiated by the Getty Foundation, brings together more than sixty cultural institutions from across Southern California for six months beginning October 2011 to tell the story of the birth of the Los Angeles art scene and how it became a major new force in the art world.”

“Inside Out” By Pharrell Williams

5 Jun

From the BBC Blog:

“We showed you some preview pictures a few weeks ago and now we can show you the full project. La Biennale opens this weekend in Venice so we came back to see the sculpture Pharrell designed for the GLASSTRESS show. The show is in Venice for 6 months so you have plenty of time to try and make it here. “Inside Out” is located at the Berengo Centre for Contemporary Art and Glass in Murano. The sculpture is of 2 angel skeletons. One is just over 6 feet tall and the smaller one flying behind it is about 18 inches. Both were hand made by Berengo Studio in Murano.”

“Inside Out” by Pharrell Williams:

So many of us often wonder what if…

Most of these wonders have to do with the idea of what people’s lives would be like if they made different choices. Since I was a little boy my wonderous curiosities were based on fictional things that television offered. My mind was crammed pack with creatures fit for a child that were often funny, designed for youth and usually a profitable franchise like cartoons. Even still, I couldn’t stop thinking about angels.

Seemingly human with wings.

The perfect representation for man’s sojourn in this dimension.

A way to conceptualize his aspirations and goals.

The moment his feet left the ground all who watched considered him on his way…but to where?

Maybe the why of it is something that each of us must discover alone. The why we aspire for higher. Perhaps my good friend Dr. Ramachadrian, from the University of California, San Diego, has the most simple explanation: “Apes reach for fruit while man reaches for the stars.” But then again, everyone races to answer that question which is why I wanted to take on the more difficult challenge: how?

When discussing it with my colleagues they reacted as they often do—with a wordless brow lift and subsequent whispers that I was “taking it too far this time.” Like no concept in existence is crazier and alien than mine. It’s as if I’m addicted to them sucking the life and air out of my curiosity, but never my enthusiasm. That cannot be touched. How could it? Thoughts are fourth dimensional just like the unit of awareness known as self or spirit. It’s all akashic substance disseminated among the ether.

By definition ether means the upper regions of space, the clear sky, the heavens. Funny enough, because of its super thin consistency and transparency, the ether is thought by most to be non- existent. Hahaaa…that which is the truest in form is transparent. We as a society live by that metaphor, but quite often we limit our truths to semantics instead of allowing these ideas to be applied to nature. That is where I find my peace, my mind, my air. Uninterrupted air. It feeds nearly everything with the exception of plant life. It’s typically an unappreciated sign of life. That’s actually the case with all things, including ideas. All good ideas need air. Some sort of openness to what is possible. All great and egregious concepts start with the openness of air.

And then it dawned on me…

That’s it.

I’ll take a subject that I’ve often pondered about in various ways since I was a child.

I would focus on the “how” by bringing it to fruition.

It had to be clear and transparent.

It had to have a physical representation of man involuting his “openness” or “air” to the possibility.


We met the people from Venice Projects who operate one of the finest glass blowing shops in Murano and also did the Glasstress show during the 54th Venice Biennale. It was important for it to represent what the inside body of an angel (Greek for the word “messenger”) looked like. The blowers captured exactly how I saw these angels in my mind. I am beyond pleased and impressed with the results.

All I wanted to do was present an idea that was clear, transparent and with the posterity that only the breath of man could offer.

Roberto Matta

8 May

“Le poète (Un poète de notre connaissance)”
1945 (45/1)
94 x 76.5 cm.

colored pastels on black paper
24.4 x 30.2 cm.
private collection, La Jolla

“A Grave Situation”
137.2 x 195.6 cm.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

the MACHINE SHOP/gallery – Covered Walls

9 Feb

So here is the photo documentation of the MACHINE SHOP/gallery’s most recent show, Covered Walls. The show had a lively atmosphere due to a great turnout as I’m quite sure most everyone enjoyed themselves. People, drinks, and music abound, the Art still hung at the core of the night, as the illuminated gallery space was not only a beacon of where to go, but also a reminder of why people were here in the first place.